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8REM - huge
56REM - extralarge
4.8REM - large
4REM - normal
3.2REM - medium
2.4REM - small
1.6REM - extrasmall
1.6REM - extrasmall
1.6REM - extrasmall
1.8REM | 2.7REM
1.6REM | 2.4REM
1.4REM | 2.1REM
About Us

About Veer Steel

Our meticulous approach quality assurance and ongoing service support means we deliver quality products as and when you need them.
Driven by technology and innovation, Veer Steel Mills optimises locally-sourced raw materials to produce a variety of steel solutions according to requirements. Veer Steel Mills aims to build long-term, sustainable business relationships with all our customers through the provision of high-quality products and exceptional service delivery.
Our Commitment to Quality
We offer all our products and services at international standards.
Protecting the Environment: Our Policy
It is our main policy to operate together with our customers to improve care for the environment.
We Provide Best Quality Steel

Quality Assurance

We are committed to environmental wellbeing. We continuously improve upon our operations by observing our duty of care for sustainable development. The onus is on our industry to conserve the finite resources available to us and reduce pressure by producing value-added steel products.
ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO Certification

Through the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Veer Steel Mills provides high-quality products that comply with all the relevant standards.
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