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Veer Steel Mills is committed to environmental wellbeing. We continuously improve our operations by observing our Duty of Care for sustainable development. The onus is on our industry to conserve the finite resources available to us and reduce pressure by producing value-added steel products.
Recycling is a core facet of our products, therefore we consistently investigate cleaner manufacturing processes and more energy-efficient technologies in an attempt to minimise our carbon footprint. We have embarked on an awareness programme where we engage with our stakeholders on the critical issues affecting the environment as a result of the operations in this industry, and how we seek to improve continuously.

We Prioritise The Health And Safety Of Our Staff

Through SHEQ facilitation, we are committed to the fastidious education of our staff and service providers to maintain a high standard of practice.
Emphasis is always placed on safety for all, and environmental compliance is our obligation in monitoring, recording and sharing of information to staff and stakeholders for improvement.Our on-site clinic oversees the routine care of our staff to monitor and maintain their health. Further to this, all employees are offered a wellness induction, free medical testing, mobile clinic services, stress management, counselling, HIV and Aids awareness and advice on personal finance.
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