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Employee Training


Due to a shortage of skilled workers in the steel industry, it is crucial to provide formal training opportunities to ensure the maintenance of necessary skills in the workplace. Additionally, promoting the development of transferable skills can facilitate growth and a more equitable distribution of capacity throughout the country.
Steel manufacturing is frequently undergoing changes to equipment, technology and production best practices. Training our staff to stay on top of these changes maintains our business presence. The training output is cyclical so new entrants will enter the learning experience on an annual basis.
Focus areas

We have aligned our focus areas to the following

Production Technology
Employee Training


Our focus is on offering training and employment entry for unemployed youth. The mandate of raw material value-addition is based on creating opportunities at a local level. The training and subsequent employment at Veer Steel Mills result in the support of local communities.
We consider recruitment for training against our legislative parameters to benefit the relevant candidates. It is our policy to offer as many opportunities to female candidates as possible.
Candidates should meet the minimum academic requirements set out by SETA. Once recruited, trainees are registered with SETA and training will begin on-site via our learning center.
Theory will be conducted at the learning center while isolated live equipment will be offered for practical training. Trainers, moderators and assessors will ensure the standard of training is correct while documentary trails are maintained each step of the way.
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