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The Ubhoko Initiative

About Ubhoko Initiative

Ubhoko is our mandate to promote economic growth and skills in townships by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in these areas. We are deeply committed to our corporate social responsibility and through the Ubhoko initiative, we aim to develop a direct support and logistics network for customers living in informal settlements.
This network will challenge the norms and shortfalls of the industry’s offerings to industry participants and customers, therefore making the market more competitive. To take this one step further, we strive to incubate potential entrepreneurs by creating synergy with SME funding bodies to develop their business growth.
Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions for all entrepreneurs

In order to develop this network, we will offer entrepreneurs sales and marketing material, as well as guidance on competitive pricing, reliable delivery support and after-sales service from both the head office and agents on the ground. The offer of mixed loads and small quantities will be welcomed to meet the small businessman’s needs. Small orders will be met with as competitive an offering as a large order. Each locality will have Ubhoko change agents appointed to offer ground support to consolidate and coordinate orders.
Let us help you grow

We offer business development support

We offer business development support by creating avenues of access to credit and funding. We aim to bridge the gap by facilitating partnerships between governmental and private stakeholders.
Our intervention has brought buy-in from these partners with the specific need to address the current state of dis-empowerment created by the current steel industry practices.
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